Prior Release 1999

Arietta Merlot 1999. A dense, rich wine of great power, with firm tannic support, still on the young side. The size of the Arietta Merlot crop in 1999 (1000 cases of this wine were produced) allowed us to broaden distribution to top restaurants in the U.S. As a result the experience of drinking Arietta Merlot 1999 has generated more calls from enthusiasts wishing to become Arietta subscribers than any other wine. Drink with prior aeration or decantation, but you can anticipate a long life ahead.

Arietta Red Wine 1999. The rarest of all Arietta Red Wines-only 350 cases were made, and all sold to the mailing list. This was due to the tiny, though intense crop of Cabernet Franc, and our decision to keep the blend 60% Cabernet Franc and 40% Merlot. The wine is dense, creamy, and dramatically fragrant, with an amazingly naturalistic, ripe “organic fruit” character. Winemaker John Kongsgaard elected not to rack this wine immediately before bottling, and the wine should be decanted off the sediment before serving. Enjoy now with aeration, or save for further evolution. Not to be missed.