Prior Release 2002

Arietta Red Wine H Block Hudson 2002. From a resoundingly successful Napa red wine vintage, this is the most critically acclaimed Arietta produced to date. Cabernet Franc (60%) from the Hudson H Block was co-fermented with Merlot (40%) from the Hudson N Block. The wine is brooding, seductively deep and rich, and beautifully shaped. It has yet to emerge from hibernation, and will have a long evolution-at least ten years. Best to wait a couple of years, at least, if you can. (500 cases)

Arietta Red Wine Variation One 2002. Incredibly deep and exotic, with sweet fruit, leather, and game beautifully knit together. The pick dates of our Merlot and Syrah were close enough for us to co-ferment most of this wine, adding an extra degree of harmony and complexity. Should evolve for five to ten years. If you cannot resist trying it now, we suggest you double decant the wine, recork the bottle, and drink the following day. (550 cases)

Arietta Merlot Hudson Vineyards 2002. The combination of a splendid vintage and slightly above average yields from the Hudson N Block allowed us to produce the first Arietta Merlot since 1999. This wine may turn out to be the biggest of the three Arietta 2002s. Unbelievably deep, creamy, and rich, with liqueur-like fruit and aromas of herbs, the Arietta Merlot Hudson Vineyards 2002 proves how classy and complex Merlot can be when this finicky varietal is planted in a suitable microclimate (which is rare). Given the tannins and massive size of the wine, you should hold the wine for at least two years, and enjoy over the next ten. (600 cases)