Prior Release 2013

2013 Arietta On the White Keys

The Arietta White Wine “On The White Keys” 2013 is about as exciting a white wine as Arietta has ever made. An unusual condition in our Sonoma Mountain Sauvignon Blanc vineyard – full ripeness countered by brilliant, high acidity – brings to the White Keys 2013 tremendous breath and tension, like music played at the extreme ends of the keyboard. Arietta’s sources of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc from the Hyde and Rancho Chimiles vineyards fill out the center of the 2013 White Keys, and relieve the tension with layers of mouth-coating flavors and a generous finish. Entirely barrel fermented in 45% new French Oak, 37% second use French Oak, and 18% stainless steel, the Arietta White Wine “On The White Keys” 2013 takes you on a thrilling ride.

Notes from winemaker Andy Erickson:

“An unusually dry, but fairly mild, growing season served up some very mouthwatering white wines for Arietta in 2013. Both the Sauvignon Blanc, grown high atop Sonoma Mountain, and our Sauvignon Musque, from older plantings on Larry Hyde’s vineyard in Napa, were harvested at desired Brix levels, but with record acidity. The fruit had—and the wine retains—unmistakable notes of citrus peel, lemon drop, and key lime, both in the aromas, and upon entry. The Semillon, from some of Hyde’s oldest vines, as well as from a beautiful planting at Rancho Chimiles, in the eastern mountains of Napa Valley, provides breadth and weight to an otherwise bracing, high-energy wine. The combination is quintessential “White Keys,” overflowing with all available descriptors of vibrant white wine: white flowers, orange peel, lemon zest, subtly fragrant oak, honey and vanilla bean. It excites the palate with a rush of bright fruit, then broadens and lengthens as the Semillon takes over the finish. A fine reflection of an outstanding vintage, this wine will live for a decade or more.”