Arietta Special Offerings of the Season

Arietta Special Offerings of the Season

By: Fritz Hatton and Caren Hatton

Never has there been more interest in enjoying fine wine “in the moment.” And greater benefit to thinking outside the box.  In response, we have created two special offerings for Arietta subscribers.

Immediate Indulgence

Featuring wines from the Arietta Library that are enjoying a “sweet spot” for current drinkability.

2014 Arietta Reds 4-Pack | $390
2014 H Block 6-Pack | $900
The 2014 Arietta reds are giving immense pleasure right now, and like catnip, they are irresistible as soon as you pull the cork and smell the wine. We will offer from the Arietta Library tasting sets of four of the 2014 Arietta reds: H Block, Quartet, Merlot Hudson Vineyards, and Variation One. We will also offer six-packs of 2014 H Block with the option of a wooden case. This will be the last offering of the 2014 vintage at original release prices.

Arietta Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical 3-Packs | $525 
For fans of the Arietta Cabernet Sauvignon who cannot wait to age their wines, we offer a limited number of vertical sets of the 2010, 2011, and 2012 vintages. The 2010 and 2012 Cabernets are among the richest wines we have ever made.  And for doubters of the 2011 vintage, stand ready to be surprised.

Arietta On The White Keys Artists’ Reserve 2012 and 2015
And for our devotees of Arietta’s On The White Keys Artists’ Reserve we serve up two past vintages which demonstrate the benefits of aging this very distinctive wine. Aged for twenty eight months in barrel, the 2012 Artists’ Reserve is the most intense white wine we have ever made. Its power, cut, and polished surface are finally starting to soften, with notes of lemon curd, marzipan and peach emerging.  The 2015 Artists’ Reserve conforms to our “ideal” of a White Bordeaux style blend: 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon, and is a model of vivaciousness and richness in perfect tension.

Family Festival Dinner Packs

Three-bottle and six-bottle sets of Arietta wines for you, family, friends, and clients to enjoy in your “bubbles” during the holidays and beyond.

Arietta Family Festival Dinner Trio | $215
No need for a wine list—we’re providing it.  Here is our selection of three Arietta wines for dinner:

  • Arietta White Wine On The White Keys 2018
  • Arietta Red Wine Quartet 2017
  • Arietta Merlot Hudson Vineyards 2016

Arietta Family Festival Dinner Sextet | $600
Our recommendation for a somewhat more indulgent evening, in suggested order of tasting.  Most conveniently presented as three flights of two wines:

  • Arietta White Wine On The White Keys 2018
  • Arietta White Wine On The White Keys
  • “Artists Reserve” 2017
  • Arietta Merlot Hudson Vineyards 2016
  • Arietta Red Wine H Block 2014
  • Arietta Red Wine Quartet 2017
  • Arietta Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

We are happy to include a gift message with your shipments of Arietta gift packs. Click here to purchase.

Here’s to family, friends, and the happiness we find in the Season!

– Fritz and Caren Hatton, Proprietors