Big Bottles, Big Celebrations

Big Bottles, Big Celebrations

By: Fritz Hatton

Arietta Wine Large Format Bottles

If the interest in Arietta large format bottles from our recent offer is any indication, there is going to be a dramatic increase in the size of celebrations over the coming holidays.  Subscribers have requested multiple large format bottlings and we have satisfied as many requests as possible without entirely denuding the Library of these Arietta rarities.   We say, have at it!

No family holding back this season.  Not for us anyway. We have two dozen relatives traveling to Napa over Christmas.  They will be staying in every nook and cranny, including our Airstream trailer.  This is the best possible excuse to pull out the large formats, and we will enjoy several, including an imperial on Christmas Day.  While we donate many large format bottles of Arietta to charitable causes, we well remember our father’s admonishment, undoubtedly inspired by his Irish grandfather, that “Charity begins in the home!”  Said always with a puckish twinkle in his eye.

So treat yourselves over the holidays.  May these Arietta grand formats and celebrations inspire you to give more to others.

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About Fritz Hatton
Fritz has over four decades of experience in the fine and rare wine business and in addition to being a vintner is the nation’s foremost wine auctioneer. He serves as principal auctioneer for Zachys Wine Auctions, and as auctioneer for many charities nationwide, including Auction Napa Valley.