On the Subject of Dry January

On the Subject of Dry January

By: Fritz Hatton

After orange wine and “natural wine” next on the list of my vinous pet peeves is “Dry January.” As a wine lover, who could imagine anything so dreary? What does “Dry January,” say about the goals of balance and sustainability in our lives, not to mention the world’s climate?

More than any other month, January inspires thoughts of new beginnings. Is the denial of one of life’s great pleasures a way to begin? Unless the intention is to find the end in the beginning, and—not being a Buddhist—denial is not the end that I hope for.

Rather, let’s consider the goals of balance and quality—a balanced lifestyle and diet, and a high-quality one. January is an opportunity to refocus on quality. Don’t feel obliged to drink wine you don’t like. If at home, set it aside and open something else. If a restaurant offers wine by the glass, request a small taste before you proceed. And find quality and interest in variety—easier with wine than with vodka (that’s a cheap shot).

If anything, skip the booze but not the wine.

The old saw is “moderation in all things—including moderation.”  A better saw for January is “live well, but live better.”  

The wine should be dry, but not the month.

Fritz Hatton's Thoughts on Dry January

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Fritz has over four decades of experience in the fine and rare wine business and in addition to being a vintner is the nation’s foremost wine auctioneer. He serves as principal auctioneer for Zachys Wine Auctions, and as auctioneer for many charities nationwide, including Auction Napa Valley.